THC-O FLOWER-Harlequin

THC-O FLOWER-Harlequin

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smokable flower

broad spectrum

joint, glass pipe, water pipe

warning, extremely strong, extremely euphoric


What is the difference between Delta 8 and THCO?

THC Delta 9, THC Delta 8 are all very similar molecules. Delta 8 is a milder version of THC Delta 9 while THCO is much more potent than THC Delta 9. At certain high doses some claim it comes close to having hallucinogenic properties


What will THCO feel like when I smoke it?

Very euphoric. It is a very strong element with a powerful effect

Can I drive while I smoke THCO?

No, you should not drive while you smoke THCO. THCO should not be taken when you need to operate heavy machinery, take care of children or pets, etc. As you can see above, THCO should be used when you have an opportunity to let go—so we sell this product with a very strong warning to be safe and make good choices


Will TCHO show up on a drug test?

It cannot be 100% guaranteed that THCO will not show up on a drug test.


This compound is not currently restricted, so it is less likely to show up in a traditional drug test as THC Delta 9.


THCO is a new compound and each body metabolizes it in a different way. So there is no assuring that your body will react when tested with the variety of different drug tests available.


There is always a risk and we encourage anyone with a job, living situation, or personal freedom on the line to avoid this substance