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It takes 20 to 30 minutes to start feeling the effects of THC-O, however, users report they are long-lasting and provide a very unique, introspective feeling.

Type:  Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Lineage:  Colombian Gold x Thai
Aroma:  Spice, Sweet, Citrus, Wood
Effect:  Energy, Focus, Creative


To understand THC-O Flower then we need to cover what THC-O Acetate ( is. THC-O is an alternate cannabinoid that is derived from a solvent reaction with delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC can be derived from both hemp and marijuana—so any cannabis plant. However, D8 is only present in trace amounts so there is another route taken to bring the copious amounts of delta-8 distillate. That route begins with CBD extraction then an organic solvent. So there are a lot of steps that are not only complicated but can be volatile due to the chemicals used. THC-O Flower is a premium hemp flower that is sprayed with a heated hose in order to create THC-O Flower.

THC-O provides a mellow relaxation right off the bat because it is going to have CBD, the THC-O kick s in about twenty minutes after consumption. The effects for THC-O stick around longer than Delta-8 THC. So it is more of a stay-at-home feelng.

Yes, THC-O hemp flower has health benefits similar to that of Delta-8 THC. Physiological, THC-O combats nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and depression while providing a vibrant cerebral clarity that is closer to the spiritual realm of THC. These traits include stress relief, introspection, and getting lost in your thoughts. There is no existential crisis, no ray of light that gives you all of the answers of the universe—but it lets you know that everyone could get to know themselves better. But most of all, it’s a good time if you’re looking for a few laughs and to let go for an evening.

Smoking THC-O Flower will first provide a calm that is noticeable because it has CBD in it. The CBD is a plus side for those who are trying it for the first time or have a lighter tolerance because it tames the THC-O. THC-O Flower brings more of a psychedelic perspective that is more psychoactive than physical. You reap the same physiological benefits from Delta 8 THC and CBD but not to the full extent, THC-O makes the more psychoactive traits present. It’s been deemed comparable to a magic mushroom trip with an introspective mindset, but it’s more relaxing—and fantastic for sleep.