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• Increase your sales with in-store and virtual events with our sister company"Kine Hearts Media"  *Sales agents will have the opportunity to participate with KHM

Who is Kine Hearts Media?
Kine Hearts Media is a grassroots organization steeped in cannabis, hemp, and agricultural education, community outreach, and business networking. Our goal is to cultivate an atmosphere around cannabis that will edify those with limited cannabis knowledge while empowering those already on the front lines of cannabis literacy. Kine Hearts Media (KHM) is a multi-platform media company dedicated to patient-oriented cannabis, hemp, and agricultural education. Unlike other cannabis platforms, recreational use is not our focus.

How can Kine Hearts Media increase my sales?

WE Will:
1. Set event up for you.
2. Provide marketing materials
3. Promote event with your coupon code
4. Track leads with EventBrite. (those leads for that event belongs to that sales representative.)
YOU Will:
1. Show up to event 1 hour before event start to set up materials
2. Bring approved marketing materials
3. Document business leads
4. Document customer leads
5. Document free samples given
6. Obtain testimonial from clients
*contingent on performance



• In-Store Events and Promotions
• Promote Minority-owned Businesses
• We Provide On-Going Free Cannabis Health & Wellness Educational Events Geared To Target Local Communities, Retirement Centers, Veterans & Those With Intellectual Disabilities
• Music And Networking With Cannabis, Featuring 4th Disciple Of Wu-tang, Including Public And Private Events
• KHM Attends Cannabis Events All Over The Country
• KHM Will Conduct Interviews and patient testimonials
• KHM Will Cover Your Events
• Electronic Subscriptions – Allow Free Access To KHM Monthly.
• Fundraising events with Music & Arts, spoken word, and poetry

Vetted Companies

Many companies are offering hemp-derived products, including but not limited to, CBD, CBG, CBN, etc. Unfortunately, Hemp is not FDA regulated, so there are a lot of brands that cut corners with their products. At PBYPROF, we make sure our products meet the 2018 Farm Bill regulations. All products include certificates of analysis, notice to law enforcement, farmers' license, third-party testing available to our customers via our website, and all shipping. Over
the years, many farms, manufacturers, suppliers, and retail stores have failed the PBYPROF test. We look at Hemp as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Yes, you can enjoy it recreationally; it should be a safe, quality product.

Consistency of Availability

Because we work with different farmers and manufacturers, it wouldn't be a problem to replace a product with a similar product from another manufacturer. During COVID-19, businesses have experienced delays with shipping. We understand this and will work with each manufacturer to ensure customer satisfaction.


People are just becoming familiar with Hemp-Derived products. Nowadays, most people know what CBD and THC are but do not understand the difference between the medical properties that both can bring to their enjoyment. . As people become more educated, they will try Hemp-Derived products for the first time. We want them to have a truly remarkable experience. You will provide free samples to your clients, so their first time will be a pleasant experience.


We eliminated some companies that passed other tests but were significantly more expensive. Your clients can be confident that we've done the exhausting work of vetting numerous companies so that they don't have to! We are bringing them the best quality, best value products!