Cannabinoids, CBD and Powered by PROF

CBD is one of over 120 cannabinoids found in cannabis. Cannabinoids are compounds used by almost all animals for life-governing functions. Living creatures make their own cannabinoids (called Endocannabinoids), just as we make all we need for life from our food sources. In fact, we now know that the body has an “Endocannabinoid system” which works in the regulation of many life functions, including body temperature, pain management, and inflammatory response. It also does great work within immune function. But what happens when a person’s diet is devoid of the vitamins and minerals it needs? Disease can manifest. An obvious example is that when a person has no vitamin C for a very long time, the person will get scurvy.

What happens when our diet contains no cannabinoids? Well, that is becoming a much hypothesized question. And, because of the complexity of it, we cannot say for certain that ‘cannabinoid deficiency causes this or that’. But, we can view what happens when someone with an ailment acquires cannabis. If cannabis eases the symptoms, or even more importantly, if cannabis empowers the body to heal from a condition, then perhaps the lack of cannabinoids in our diet is actually a root issue for these diseases that are helped by the ingestion of cannabis in one way of another... just like survey and Vitamin C.

There are many plants that contain trace cannabinoids, but none in the abundance of cannabis. The ‘problem’ is that cannabis also contains one psychoactive (intoxicating) cannabinoid called THC.  THC is what makes people intoxicated, or “high” when they smoke marijuana or use normal marijuana products in any form. Because of this intoxication, Marijuana was outlawed during the prohibition years. But there may also be many political and business reasons for which it did not come back into play when Alcohol was reintroduced into legal society.

But this is not a history lesson. It is to be an overview of one particularly important cannabinoid called CBD. Along with THC this is the other most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis. But, CBD HAS ZERO BRAIN INTOXICATING EFFECT. So, it is considered a nutritional supplement in 48 states, and across much of the world. Powered by PROF hosts CBD products that fall under the legal guidelines in the USA. This means all the products we represent are made from HEMP not marijuana, and are only between 000% to .03% THC.

Like vitamins, cannabinoids work better together. So a “full extract” CBD product is a more effective at smaller doses than a CBD isolate. However, though a .03% THC product will not produce any sort of intoxication, it CAN show up in a urine test. So, anyone who gets drug tested for their jobs should use a 000% THC product. We carry both products made from ‘full spectrum’ extracts, and products made from isolate. The good news is that technology has empowered some manufacturers to extract many cannabinoids together, without THC. We have a couple manufacturers who have a “full spectrum CBD product” that is 000% THC. This is wonderful, because it will provide a more effective absorption and utilization of CBD.